It's the eve of our 32nd Birthday Bash, and for that, you all get a little treat. The track listing for the next Stone Sour album, the second part of the "House of Gold and Bones" story, has been released.

Because the second album is a continuation of the story brought to light in the first album, the track listing starts with number 12, as House of Gold and Bones Part One had 11 tracks.

Check it out:

12. Red City

13. Black John

14. Sadist

15. Peckinpah

16. Stalemate

17. Gravesend

18. '82

19. The Uncanny Valley

20. Blue Smoke

21. Do Me A Favor (Which is the new single coming very soon)

22. The Conflagration

23. The House of Gold and Bones


23 tracks, two albums, one story. The concept (so far) is pretty killer, so I'm excited to see what happens in the second part, coming in early April.

As for now, you NEED to get your ticket! This show will be off the hook and you won't want to miss it, trust me.

It's on tomorrow night at the Lone Star Pavilion, so get out and get your tickets TODAY!