Pacific Rim is hoping to be the "giant monster movie" of 2013.  And by that I mean, movie with "GIANT MONSTERS".  The story is simple, giant monsters emerge from the sea and people driving/controlling robots have to smack 'em down.  It sounds like a perfect guys movie, so what's in it for you ladies?  I'll tell you after the jump.

So ladies, do you recognize the guy in the picture yet?  What about you guys?  Guys are a little less astute when it comes to spotting hunks, but you're lady will tell you that's Charlie Hunnam, also known as Jax from Sons Of Anarcy (and boy is he spotting a big codpiece on that suit).

There are basically just little sneak peek type materials available for this movie so far, but it looks like they do a pretty good job of creating their own little universe.  Check it out:


Pacific Rim Viral:

Pacific Rim First Look