Everyday we all do things while driving that are considered dangerous, we jam out to the radio, we channel surf, we talk to people in the car with us, we talk on cell phones, some people text and the list goes on and on. There are all kinds of studies that warn us about texting and driving or distracted driving while on our phones, we get it it is dangerous.

One that we don't hear a lot about is eating and driving... I mean really drive down Slide near the South Loop at 12:30 and you are taking your life into your own hands.

In addition to the construction going on now you always get the challenge of trying to dodge people coming out of a chicken place near there who are trying to open their straw, get their sandwich out and put ketchup on their fries while trying to drive.

Well thank goodness Heinz has spent the last three years developing a new package that hold as much ketchup as three of the old packets and can now be used to dip rather than squeeze.

Seriously people aren't there enough things to distract us while we are driving, do we really need a ketchup package designed to encourage us to eat and drive?

Check out the full story and let me know what really ticks you off when you're driving.