1340 The Fan is reporting that Texas A & M's four buses were vandalized the night before the game.  What is being called "derogatory statements" were written on the bus, but the local hillbillies involved didn't stop there.

The statements written on the bus were done in a washable paint so no real harm was done (other than firing the team up just enough to beat Tech 45-40). The vandals really crossed the line be smearing "some kind of animal" poo inside a bus that could not be locked. I hate to use such a simple term by "really?". Is that the level of intelligence that the average Tech "fan" has? And let's be honest, chances are near 100% that it was actual Tech students (sorry but random people getting off work on Friday don't clock out and head out for some late night vandalism).

Keep in mind also, that it's not like these were even A & M buses (which that shouldn't matter either). These were charter buses-so all you did was give a private business a pain in the ass.

This type of vandalism goes beyond just being bad sports, but that isn't the worst of it. The worst of it is as of it is so far no real response or apologies have been issued by Texas Tech officials. One has went on record as saying "Texas Tech doesn't condone these actions" but I think a full statement and apology is due. Sure, it's not like Texas Tech officials had anything to do with this behavior, but the University HAS to let it's fans and students know that this is not an appropriate way to show team spirit.

We've embarrassed ourselves on the eve of A & M leaving the conference. It's now in the air if we'll ever get to show them the respect of a real rivalry.

This was just a low-class backwards way to show team support. Trust me, I understand some drinking and late night hi-jinks, but this required at least a small degree of planning (unless on of the vandals just happened to have some animal crap on them).