A & M Buses Vandalized Before Game
1340 The Fan is reporting that Texas A & M's four buses were vandalized the night before the game.  What is being called "derogatory statements" were written on the bus, but the local hillbillies involved didn't stop there.
Texas Tech Tuition Goes Up
Texas Tech has voted for a 5.9 increase in tuition and fees.  My salary didn’t go up 5.9% did yours?  Read more after the jump.
No More Flip Video Cameras
USA Today is reporting the Cisco is cancelling production of the very popular "Flip" video cameras. We use them ourselves and we're disappointed. Read more after the break.
Team Spirit Is Stupid
Some people take school and team spirit to a gang mentality. I blame brainwashing. Read more after the jump.
XXX Is Coming [VIDEO]
You've got your .com, your .org, your .net and others. Now, get ready for the red light district on the internet. Read more after the jump.