There is nothing better as a parent than making one of your kids dreams come true.Gunner Driver is a pretty solid drummer, so it's makes sense that he loves him some Mike Portnoy. Portnoy and his new band, Adrealine Mob, were in the Hub City Monday night (9/29) for a rock show at Wrecker's. Gunner was like a wide eyed kid at a magic show. He was so excited to see his idol up close and personal. Props to Another Day Undecided and Bred for War for setting the tone for the night with rocking sets by both bands.

This was only the fourteenth live show Adrenaline Mob had played, but from the get go you would have thought they had been kicking it for years. Man, what a tight freaking band. They came out and got after it for 80 minutes plowing through original tunes and doing three right on covers of Black Sabbath's "We Rock," "The Mob Rules" and a scorching cover of "War Pigs" to close the show.

The best part of the night came after the show, when G. got the chance to go back and meet Mike Portnoy and the rest of band. Have to thank the bands tour manager Eric for making Gunner's dream come true and if you get chance to see this band, DO it!

Bang that high hat as you check out the video...