So Anthrax's covers ep, "Anthems" hits stores tomorrow. One of those covers is Boston's "Smokin". But you shouldn't worry about buying the Anthrax album if you already have the Boston one. They're exactly the same.

I mean these 2 songs are so close that it doesn't sound like Anthrax actually did the song. So why did they bother?

Here's the Anthrax version.

And here's the original Boston version.

Boston "Smokin"

Can you tell a difference? OK so the Anthrax guitars are a little louder. But that's not enough for someone to pay $ for this, that's for sure. But if you DO want the ep it also includes covers of AC/DC's "TNT", and Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak", plus a remix of their own song, "Crawl", which was on their album, "Worship Music".