The Crow has moved one step closer to remake status.  Read more after the break.


Bloody Disgusting is reporting that some progress is being made in the court fight over who owns the movie rights to "The Crow".  What is even more interesting is, are you ready for "The Crow with a Hangover"?  Word is that Bradley Cooper is in talks to play Eric Draven in the remake.  I'm hoping this happens, I LOVED The Crow, liked the Crow 2, thought 3 was good and though 4 was one of the worst pieces of crap ever.  I like the t.v. series, even though it was little convoluted (trivia:  the kid that played the Crow on the t.v. series is the guy who hosts the American edition of "The Iron Chef").  Anyways, the death of Brandon Lee did result in a real flaky cannon of Crow films (and don't forget, even the first one had to used digital tricks because Brandon died WHILE filming).