All 3 headlining bands at X-Fest gave everyone of us exactly what we wanted to see in a live show. But the man that impressed me beyond my expectations was James Durbin both on and off the stage.

I had the opportunity to meet James Durbin along with my 14 year old sister. She loves her some James Durbin. From the moment that James and his tour manager came out he was very cool and professional. He knew how to handle himself in front of a 14 year old fan. But not just that when my bro and I came up to take our photo and visit a little bit he changed gears and was just like another bro, very cool cracking jokes and being very down to earth. James Durbin is a rockstar, they way they are suppose to act.

I thank him for being very cool with my little sister and the other little ones that were there as well.

If you missed James Durbin live for the after party then you missed one hell of a rock show. James Durbin owned it from the time he took the stage until his closing song.

James Durbin stage presence was one playing front of 10,000 people and I would see again in a heart beat.