I think one of the most under rated bands of all time is Clutch.

Now when I say under rated it means several things. I am guilty of this myself that when I get into a music conversation I forget to mention Clutch. Not because I dont like them, but because they are one of those "underground" bands that continue to do their own thing. Another is Clutch is one of those bands that i wonder why they aren't selling millions and millions of albums. But they continue to put out some of the best rock and roll to date.

Clutch is such a gifted band, musically and vocally. If you were at the Halloween show of 2010 you got to witness the power and passion that Clutch has on stage.

I am looking forward to a new Clutch album with a killer follow up tour.

Check out the video interview with Neil Fallon. This video comes courtesy of our friends at Horns Up Rocks.