Rachel Bilson Eating Ice Cream [VIDEO]
Rachel Bilson would rather be eating ice cream. Or at least she would be in this ad for Magnum Ice Cream.
This destined-to-go-viral commercial spoofs a fashion shoot - and also advances the ridiculous notion that a chocolate ice cream bar would be allowed anywhere near a fashion shoot.
News Anchors Abscence Explained
A local news anchor lady is having stuff taken out of her hoo-ha. It's for a good reason, but it's still hoo-ha stuff. Read more after the jump.
Meloncholia Trailer [VIDEO]
You might be saying what the hell is Meloncholia and why should i care? How about some awesome Kirsten Dunst NEKKID! Read more after the jump.
Greg Louganis In Lubbock [VIDEO]
The four time Olympic gold medal winner will be in town this weekend coaching one of over 200 kid's who will be competing in the USA National Diving Championships being held this weekend at the Pete Ragus Aquatic Center (13th and Ave T)...

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