No More Flip Video Cameras
USA Today is reporting the Cisco is cancelling production of the very popular "Flip" video cameras. We use them ourselves and we're disappointed. Read more after the break.
I Love You Phillip Morris On DVD [VIDEO]
Funny is funny. I can accept funny no matter where it comes from. In this movie it comes from Jim Carrey switching sexual sides mid-life. More details and the trailer after the jump.
Steven Tyler Rocks The Country [VIDEO]
I am a confused ball of emotion. Do I get pissed that Steven Tyler played a country awards show (with a reality show twit) or do I give him props for rocking hard at the event.
WWE All-Stars
Think what you want about professional wrestling, it makes for great, addictive and fun video games. Read more after the jump.
Chicago vs. Lubbock Concerts
Just getting back from Chicago seeing Volbeat at the House of Blues. I know I've heard Wes say it many times, but we are really lucky to be in the area we are to have rock shows. Read more after the jump.
Nuclear Boy Cartoon [VIDEO]
It's very important to talk to young children about issues that may frighten them. In Japan, they now have the story of Nuclear Boy and his poo. This is subtitled and it's kind of funny, but it might even be a nice teaching tool for your kids if you want to read the captions to them.
Nightmare On Elm Street [VIDEO]
I hadn't heard a single positive review about the new "Nightmare On Elm Street", so I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I really don't know what people were expecting, but it's a very good horror movie. Read more after the break.
Due Date On DVD [VIDEO]
Due Date is pretty interesting when you think about it. The movie starts kind of slow, and just when you start doubting it, it starts getting funnier. By the end, the movie is about as funny as you wished it had been all the way through. There's also a couple of scenes that aren't in th…

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