Yeah, I'm back on Netflix, barely. As you may know most of the stuff on the streaming service is horribly old and/or crappy. I accidentally signed back up when I thought they had some episodes of "Sons Of Anarchy" that I was missing. I still refuse the DVD by mail thing; with my bluray hooked up to my wireless internet, I can just buy or stream direct from Amazon.  Anyways, I digress. The point is, there is still something Netflix does well and that's foreign and hard to find movies. I don't have any problem reading subtitles if the movie is good enough. With all of that out of the way, let's talk about "Cold Fish" next.

Let's put this simply, Asian horror movies are F@#$ed up!  "Cold Fish" is one of the more extreme ones too. The name of the movie "Cold Fish" has two meanings, 1. The two main characters both own tropical fish stores and 2. One of the main characters is a milquetoast. On with the story. We have a browbeat dad who's new wife is very distant and going through the motions and we have a daughter who is a bitch on wheels who doesn't listen to her dad. They meet a man who owns a Super Tropical Fish Store (compared to theirs) and they don't realize he and his wife are pure ass psychos. That's about it, but there some messed up stuff in this flick including some incredible scenes of post-mortem dismemberment (they prop people must have used barrels of blood and guts). Oh, there's some awesome nudity too.

Anyways, if you're a horror fan, you need to get used to movies with subtitles because the best stuff right now is coming from places other than the U.S.

I give "Cold Fish" four out of five "Nightmares."  I could have used a little more motivation for "why" things and people are the way they are, but at the same time, psycho is psycho and it probably doesn't need a reason.