You have to be a fan of "mixed genre" stuff to truly enjoy it.  For instance, you have to be able to accept President Lincoln as a Vampire hunter, or Aliens in the Old West.  "Exit Humanity" is 'Civil War Zombies".   If you made it past the line "Civil War Zombies" and you're still interested, then read on after the jump.

As with all great horror movies, the story is less to do with the monsters and more about the journey that the monsters are interrupting.  The live action parts of the movie look incredibly well acted.  Did you catch that?  That's my only potential problem with this movie; it has graphic novel like cutaways to animation that could take you out of the story a little bit.  The cast is mostly newcomers but yes, that is the great Bill Mosley (Otis from the Devil's Rejects" as "The General".  There is no date for a U.S. release, so it may jump straight to Blue Ray.  Check it out.