TRUE STORY (Lubbock Texas) When Clowns Attack:  Halloween night at Nightmare On 19th Street this year had to be the most fun and dangerous to date. Years ago, when Clown Town was closed down and destroyed on Halloween night under questionable circumstances, all the evil spirits trapped in clown bodies had no where to go and quickly grew more and more restless.  They began gathering together and dancing under the stars until, in a hypnotic frenzy, they would burst out into the night, finding others to join the dance.

When the dancers started disappearing, the authorities gathered up the Clowns and committed them indefinitely to The Sanitarium. That is, until this Halloween night, when on a whim, Dr. Nexum decided to release the beasts! Immediately Clowns from over the years began gathering in the courtyard of The Sanitarium, and to drum beats and load music, they began to dance and howl into the night. After years, all the CLOWNS WERE BACK!!

It was so amazing that I felt like I was in a Batman movie, and I had just witnessed The Joker releasing the insane inmates of Arkym Asylum! Soon the frenzied mob busted out of the courtyard and ran from The Sanitarium and out into the unsuspecting crowd waiting in line at Bloodmoon Manor.  One by one the crowd joined with the Clowns, and before long they Danced!

On another note does anyone know how to remove blood from,ah, never-mind.

Carry On...

Yer Wayward Son