The Texas Rangers lost, the Coronado Mustangs beat Lubbock High, Texas Tech will probably choke, but at least we have new Bevis and Butthead.

 After game six of the 2011 World Series I had a feeling the Texas Rangers might play like "Bevis and Butthead."

The Cardnals cashed in on the Rangers pitchers "inability to throw a strike." (Sound familiar?) To take game seven 6 - 2 and win their 11th World Series Championship.

The Rangers pitching staff set a new World Series record issuing 41 walks during a 7 game series.

With the loss the Rangers become the 12 team to lose back to back World Series.

David "Big Chill" Freese was named MVP of the 2011 World Series.

Regardless of the outcome you gotta give the Texas Rangers credit for one hell of a ride, and some exciting baseball this season.

This years Texas Ranger 's Rally cry was "We Believe...." Maybe next year they could try "ONE STRIKE AWAY...TWICE"