High above the Lubbock Arts Festival, in a hidden upper room, they began to gather. Many spoke strange languages, others wore amazing costumes to hide their Secret Identities. The meeting lasted two days, and they called it... The 5th Annual Lubbock Comic Book Expo! Our own Wes Nessman is thought to be a closet comic book fan, as he has been seen indulging with The Spawn and The Walking Dead.

I got up Saturday morning and decided to broaden my cultural knowledge by going to the Civic Center to visit the Lubbock Arts Festival and take a few pictures.  As I entered the civic center and began to check out the jelly bean art, I saw it, my worst addiction.  A sign said that the 5th annual Lubbock Comic Book Expo was being held upstairs during the  Arts Festival April 14-15.  The Art Festival was over for me at that point as I never set foot downstairs the rest of the day. This year's event was again organized by Robert Mora of Star Books and Comics.  I have to say that the guys at Star Books really know their stuff and will go out of their way to help you. The turn out was great and there was plenty to keep a comic book geek like me busy all day. Both national and local artist were on hand selling posters and many were even creating personalized art as you waited. I did a great job staying away from the comics all day, but after the costume contest, I ended up breaking down and buying a handful of posters and had them signed.  The costume contest had some really good outfits.  The majority of the costumes were Star Wars or horror movie related, and the Nightmare on 19th Street actors took 5 of the prizes.  Nightmare was on hand looking for new actors to join them this October when Nightmare on 19th Street comes to life once again. More event and artist information can be found at LubbockComics.com.  Here are some photos of the event.

Carry On... Yer Wayward Son