With all the Slipknot news over the past months vocalist of Slipknot Corey Taylor talked to Pop Culture Madness about the status of the Slipknot record!

I am not gonna lie I am very stoked about the new Slipknot album. With the departure of drummer Joey Jordison and Jim Root leaving Stone Sour to focus on Slipknot there is alot of unanswered questions but Corey Taylor say the album will be mind blowing.

He says that it feels like a cross between Volume 3 and Iowa which is a very bold statement as I hold "Iowa" very close to my heart. This new Slipknot album will be the most anticipated album in years and I hope it lives up to what we think it is.

Checkout the interview and you can skip to the 2min 48sec mark where Corey Taylor gives us a little information concerning the new Slipknot album.