I am very stoked to announce that the highly anticipated debut solo album from Danny Worsnop and his solo project Harlot will debut a brand new track exclusively on Lubbock's Rock Station in the near future. This was announced through his official Instagram account last night.

This is such an honor that Danny Worsnop is debuting his new music right here on Lubbock's Rock Station. I have known Danny for a long time and have been bros with him even longer. To see Asking Alexandria rise up into such a great headlining band is so cool and we got to see it right here in Lubbock, Texas.

Now people could ask, why is Danny doing this? I can say a few things. The biggest thing is he never forgot about us here in Lubbock. Lubbock's Rock Station was one of the very first radios stations to play Asking Alexandria's "The Death Of Me" and Danny has recognized that every time he has been to Lubbock. The appreciation goes both ways with FMX and Asking Alexandria.

Asking Alexandria will be here in Lubbock on March 15th for the Spring Breakdown 2014 and you can sign up for tickets to the show right here.

Be listening to Lubbock's Rock Station for the exclusive premiere from Harlot, the solo project of Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria.