The new Stanhope is out now!  If you click over to Amazon you can get the audio mp3 for $3.99.

Doug Stanhope has played Lubbock many times, most as an opener for Captain Rowdy back in the days of the Depot Warehouse. Doug has developed into one of the finest comedians of this generation. Doug's stand up is often very controversial, but not for the sake of being controversial, but more for the sake of being real. "Real" is also what Doug went for when recording his latest project. Check out this quote:

Whereas most comedy specials are filmed on an elaborate stage, Stanhope and Nikon Norway filled a dilapidated industrial space with lights and folding chairs, ultimately allowing the material be the focus of this release.

The New Stanhope c.d./d.v.d. will drop May 3rd. Pick 'em up and get your laughs on.

Check out Stanhopes site.

Enjoy some Doug Stanhope.  Please be careful, there is very strong language here.