On a crisp, clear Saturday night in Midland, Richard Patrick and his fresh tier of band-mates took the stage and absolutely grabbed the bull by the horns.

"Does anyone else have like...dust in their eyes?" Patrick inquired, shortly into the set, obviously having to get back in the West Texas swing.

After jamming a few older tunes, the band ripped through new material, including "What Do You Say" and I say it was one of the best songs during the entire set.

Make no mistake, just because these guys are only three shows into this new world tour doesn't mean they've lost any kind of ability, as each band member showed focus and prowess. Jonny Radtke, who Patrick referred to as "105 pounds of full flying fury," was definitely spot on. In fact, new touring mate Jeff Fab never missed a beat on the skins, rather, he joked and cracked up with Radtke during multiple songs.

All in all, the band seemed completely sturdy and solid, and the band seems to have reached this point of having the show all about fun and just rock and roll.

These guys will be ready to take the stage and take command at 5:10 until 5:50 today on the big stage.

Don't you dare miss out.