From time to time, Woody and I stray from our regular path to take in different sights from around town. So, yesterday morning when we noticed it was the first Friday of September we decided to take in the sights of the First Friday Art Trail.

We have been one time before, but did not take in all the sights, so we decided that this time we would make the rounds and visit all the locations on the trial.

Later in the morning, I saw where some of the actors from Nightmare on 19th were going to be out there, which made the entire idea of going even more appealing to me.

Fast forward to our arrival at the Buddy Holly Center, we pulled in, and parked and saw several familiar "faces" wondering about. As we started to head toward the building several of them stopped to say "hi" and to chat with us about the events of the evening.

It was then we were told that they were asked to leave and informed the Art Trail was considered private property, and that they were not welcome.

I have to tell you our reaction was total shock! First because these people truly are walking works of art, have you seen the detail in their costumes and make up? That doesn't just happen, and I assure you not just anyone can transform a regular looking person into a zombie or a vampire, it takes talent and skill.

Second, these people we not causing a scene, being unruly, disrespectful, or even loud. They were simply walking around handing out flyers trying to let people in Lubbock know about a fun event here in town.

Third, SEVERAL people we encountered and spoke to asked us if we knew when the Nightmare actors were going to be arriving. Nearly everyone we spoke to told us they had never been to the Art Trail, but decided to come check it out after finding out the actors from our own local haunt were going to be milling about.

Personally, I think this just sucks! I'm sure whoever made the decision to ask them to leave had their "reasons" but I highly doubt it was because they were handing out flyers at a private event. What I don't doubt, is that there was some judgmental, irrational fear going on which was the real source of why they were told to leave.

Here's an idea; Let artist, be artist!