Just a quick note of "thank you" to all of you who have supported FMX and The Rock Show. KFMX has just reached it's 30th year (and 60th straight period) of being the number one rock station in Lubbock Texas. That is a hell of run and we owe it to you. More after the break.

We will be bringing you a bunch of celebratory events in honor of our 30th year.  This will be the year of X-Fest 8, we'll be bringing a legendary hardcore metal band for you Everything Goes Black fans, and we'll be giving the station a makeover in a number of ways.  Add all of this to this new interactive web we've put together and we're set for a rockin' year.

As for The Rock Show, we've now whipped the ass of FOUR different syndicated morning shows.  Tell your friends to wake up in Lubbock with The Rock Show!

Thank you again for everything.