Who knew...opening a beer bottle could be so dangerous.

Rev Theory's guitarist Julian Jorgenson is probably wondering the same thing after a freak accident at a post wedding party. Jorgenson suffered a severe cut on his left hand when a fellow wedding guest tried to open his beer bottle, the bottle slipped, broke, and the jagged edge sliced the guitarist hand. The wound required surgery and Jorgenson will make a full recovery.

The sad part about this crazy accident is the fact that Rev Theory was forced to cancel their  tour dates on the upcoming Share the Welt Tour with Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains and Hatebreed. Jorgenson says "he's bummed" but as soon as he's able the band will get back on the road.  Share the Welt tour whips it's way into Lubbock, Texas on 11/11/11.