Several years ago, Prince changed his name to a symbol, while this made it difficult to give artist information after playing one of his songs, on air radio personalities found a way to keep using the moniker by calling him the Artist Formerly Known As Prince. After all Prince is his name.

Many other artists have changed their names, Puff Daddy has had how many name changes? And most recently Snoop Dogg has changed his name, again,both these guys have continued to be themselves, just using different names.

All of these guys may have changed their names, but they continue to perform their own music, and their bands continue to be on board with them.

Well now Geoff Tate, of Queensryche fame has decided to do the same, sort of, he has changed the name of his band.

The difference is Tate was more or less forced out of Queensryche after multiple arguments with band members!, on and off stage.

Obviously, Tate must feel he is the only member of Queensryche who contributed anything of value to the success of the band, and he wanted to ensure that fans knew it. So, in order to help the fans Tate named his new band: Geoff Tate: The Voice Of Queensryche.

The "other" Queensryche will be in the Hub City on Sunday, October 14, with Dokken, Accept and the Michael Schenker Group.