By now it should be widely known, all of us here at FMX have a very special place in our hearts for the guys in HURT, we all think of each of the guys as family. Not only are these guys amazing artists, they are really good dudes who truly care about their fans.

We here in Lubbock have had so many opportunities to see these guys live, and every single time they come to play hard, entertain, and personally connect with the fans. Not only do they blow us away with every performance, but many times they go out of their way to help us out, remember when they opened for Guns and Roses back in June? I bet you don't  know that they were actually in Houston the night before (May 31) and were supposed to be having a day off before playing in Dallas on June 2.

Instead, they packed their gear and headed to Lubbock in a rented van to help us out because the opening band pulled out at the last minute. Oh, and did I mention the van broke down several times between Houston and Lubbock, but the guys persevered and finally made it literally less than five minutes before they were to hit the stage for the pre-show party they did for fans.

These guys honestly make music for you guys, the fans.

That being said, it is with EXTREME SADNESS I have to report that Rek Mohr ( bass) has made the decision to leave the band to pursue other interests.

These guys make music and tour for the fans; they are seriously the kings of low dough shows so fans can afford to come see them live, sadly though, being on the road nine to ten months of the year and traveling takes it's toll.

Though Rek will be greatly missed, rest assured the remaining members will continue to fight to make great music for the fans.

The bands final show together will be on the HURT cruise in April of 2014, I have no doubt  the shows on that ship will be among the best these guys have ever put done.

Guy, I encourage you to please continue to support bands like HURT who provide fans with  low price Cd's and low dough shows by purchasing their music and attending shows.

Rek, buddy... You will be missed! We love ya and wish you nothing but the best in whatever life brings you next!