BLABBERMOUTH.NET have reported that several ticket vendors including and are selling tickets for 2 sperate events that include James Durbin performing with Drowning Pool. Does this mean that James Durbin is the new vocalist?

As I told you a week ago guitarist C.J. Pierce gave us a little insight into the future of Drowning Pool, by saying that the band is about 3 weeks away from completing their new album and will debut their new lead singer on July 13 when Drowning Pool opens for Motley Crue. He also revealed the new lead singers name started with a "J."

Of course this all just speculation for all we know the new lead singer could be Josey Scott ex Saliva lead singer.

But I believe that if Drowning Pool are able to grab James Durbin and lock him in as the new singer this could be huge for DP. James Durbin is nothing short of a great guy, when I met him at X-Fest 9 he knew how to handle himself around the 14 year old girls that wanted a picture and how to talk some trash around the bros.

We will just have to see what the future holds for James Durbin and Drowning Pool.