When we started the RockShow we wanted a few rock stars on the program to kick it off.  The first to step up to the plate was Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach.   He's just the kind of guy that will always lend a hand.  At the the same time, he is more of a 'rock star' than you'll ever meet.  The guy just lives it.   More after the jump.


We are pleased to have Jacoby coming back to town for the FMX Birthday Bash.  Jacoby called into the RockShow and I've got the scoop on his health and the new road show.  Here's Jacoby.

I have a bonus for you. Once the interview was over Jacoby and I were just visiting and I caught this little bit that I thought those of you from Lubbock might enjoy.  We're talking over each other a bit because he was calling from Europe, but it's still kind of cool to hear.