FMX Birthday Bash

You Won’t Believe Who Just Got Added To The FMX Birthday Bash
Yet another big addition to the FMX Birthday Bash. Sorry, but I have to take this opportunity to point out that some people were smart enough to pick up four for $100 tickets. These folks just got the deal of their lives. Now, ticket prices aren't going up and we haven't lost any bands, but we simpl…
FMX Birthday Bash Announcement Coming [VIDEO]
The FMX Birthday Bash Is Coming!
Instead of just writing a teaser down, we tried to film it. I guess it went OK, but Rooster still smelled of Jack Daniels and broken dreams. It makes it pretty tough to get close to him.
Win Four Tickets To The FMX Birthday Bash
A lot of the smaller shows are about to be under our belts, so it’s time to focus on the biggest small show of them all, The FMX 33 1/3 Birthday Bash.  We’re doing it up right on Saturday April 19th with Buckcherry and friends.
Other Great West Texas Festivals
I thought I'd take a minute to look at some of the other great big shows happening around the area.  Wait, there are none.  No one is heading to Amarillo for their rock stations party.  Midland-Odessa gets a few good shows, but not really festivals.  Abilene turns out great …
Announcement Pending For FMX Birthday Bash
You may not believe it, but I think the show we have coming up for you really gets back to the spirit of the FMX Birthday Bash. It's really cool when we can have some hot new band that everybody loves, but it's even better when we get bands that you can seriously PARTY to.
Papa Roach Backstage In Lubbock [PIX]
Here's some pix of Papa Roach backstage in Lubbock. You know what's fun to do? Click through the pictures real fast and it's almost animated. Watch Jacoby's face get squnchy and unsqunchy, it's a hoot for the whole family. Click through for a galley of the pix.
32nd FMX Birthday Bash Photos [PICS]
Okay, I have to give all kinds of disclaimers with this one. First off, this is not all of the pictures. We use a 'tool' called a bulk uploader and for that reason pics that weren't 'portrait oriented' weren't included in this upload. Also, larger pictures will not disp…
Two Ways To Win Your Choice Of Concert Tickets [Contest]
The 'Bash is over and it was fantastic.  Great bands, great vibe, great crowd.  If you were one of the 2000 who attended and we didn't get a chance to say hello, then I truly apologize.  We do have ONE more chance for you to celebrate.  More after the jump.
It’s Almost Here, Less than 6 Hours Until The Birthday Bash [VIDEO]
It seems like we have been talking about this show for months and months and in less than 6 hours we will be at the first rock show of 2013 in the Hub City. And what better way to kick things off than to celebrate FMX's 32nd birthday with Stone Sour, Papa Roach and Otherwisw on one bill for one…
Production Times For FMX Birthday Bash
Production times are always fluid. They can change by a half hour or more. All we can tell you is what time things are planned to take place.  It's really just the best guest on the staffs part on when they could get things done.  I've got the times for you after the jump.
2 Days Away From The FMX Birthday Bash [VIDEO]
Most rock stars have a reputation for being, well... full of themselves. Let me say that there have been a few I have met that fall into that category, but for the most part I have to say that stereo type is untrue.

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