The 'Bash is over and it was fantastic.  Great bands, great vibe, great crowd.  If you were one of the 2000 who attended and we didn't get a chance to say hello, then I truly apologize.  We do have ONE more chance for you to celebrate.  More after the jump.


Here's the deal, we have a camera man, and he does a great job, but we want to see the show from YOUR point of view.  We want to put together a gallery of pix taken by our audience.  We're going to make it worth your while too.  For every picture you send to, we will give you one entry for your choice of tickets to either X-Fest, The Spring Thing with Volbeat or AWOLNation.  Don't forget to include you name and number.  And YES, if you send 20 or forty different pictures, you'll be entered that many times.  At the same time, it only takes one to win.  Just don't forget to include your name and phone number.  This contest will run two days only, Sunday and Monday.  Anything after midnight Monday night doesn't count.  Give it a shot and give us your 'shots'.

So what is the 'second way to win?  It's the usual "Ticketmonster" but with a twist.  We thought it would be cool if you could choose whatever concert tickets your sweetie might want, so between now and Valentines, every time the Ticketmonster goes off, you can choose from the same three shows.  Good luck!