I had the privilege to meet the band Saliva when they came to Lubbock, Texas, on a radio tour for their first major record label release "Every Six Seconds" in 2001.

From that day on we became good friends.They came to town and played two of my birthday parties, and they played a number of the FMX Birthday bashes as well.

Over the past ten years they always made it a point to include Lubbock on every tour. We watched the U.S. go to war in Baghdad together from a bar in Dallas, Texas, when they were out on the Jagermeister Tour. We watched our kids grow up together over the years .

My good buddy guitarist Wayne Swinny told me Josey Scott had decided to leave the band to persue a solo Christian career. I have to admit, I was not only surprised but also bummed to get the news.

Swinny told me back on October 15, 2011 "don't know if we're going to replace him yet, still talking to the guys about it. All good though, we had a great run."

Then on November 1, 2011 Swinny noted sarcastically "Saliva is done if there's not some kid in a Saliva cover band for us to draft." Swinny also stated that he's "putting all of his songs together to possibly land an "Indie" deal for a solo thing."

So after their start in 1996 in Memphis, Tennessee, seven rocking records and 18 hits on the radio over the years, the band I will always refer to as 'The Boys Outa of Memphis" are no more, and personally that's another big loss in the world of "Rock and Roll" as I know it. I hope the best for Josey, Wayne, Dave, Paul, Chris and Johnny and thanks for the memories of a lifetime.