If you remember when Killswitch Engage came to Lubbock in support of the Trespass America Tour, they teased us with a new song, but now we finally have details set for a release date.

"Disarm The Descent" will be the title of the new album and is set for a April 2nd release date.

I am very stoked to finally get this information and I know my bros in Killswitch are just as excited for a new album.


When Killswitch came to Lubbock there was a lot of people that weren't very sure if Jesse Leach would be able to "fill in" the role he originally had when he replaced Howard Jones on vocals. But I believe that he silenced everyone and even made new fans of KsE.

Check out this killer teaser video of the new album and let me know of you are stoked for the new album from Killswitch Engage.