Wow, I missed this little misadventure when writing about the latest river of tears cried by LP&L's Gail Kring yesterday.  He revealed that as a result of all of the bad press, that an LP&L truck had been shot at!!!  He exaggerated a little.


After just using the term "shot at" in his latest "whine and cheese" gathering, the 'media' whom he blames for all of LP&L's ills, found out that they think it was shot with a b.b. gun.  Whah-wah...I've been shot a dozen times with a b.b. gun. It hurts, but puh-leeze, it's hardly the kind of old west gun totin' violence that he laid out initially.

The truck is said to have 'minor damage' (very friggin' minor if it was a b.b.) and the employee was unhurt.  Now at this time, I want to say that NO ONE should take out their aggression on the hard working on the streets employees of LP&L.  However, the executives and the city council need a swift kick in the butt on their way out the door. The first step is kicking Victor Hernandez  from the council in the recall election. Get registered to vote now!

Here's yesterdays story on LP&L.