I haven't weighed in on the Obama Birth Certificate argument because I thought it was the single most ridiculous, retarded and pointless excuse to hate on somebody that I've ever heard.  This morning I happened to drop by a poll at KCBD that asked "Are you satisfied that President Obama was born in the U.S.".  AFTER selecting YES, the poll still came back with the majority saying "No".  Okay, after a certificate of live birth, a short form birth certificate and now a long form birth certificate, there are still so many g**damned morons in this town that it amazes me.

I'm personally suggesting two things for the "birthers".

1. Evidentally we have to rub your nose in the official document the same way we would with a puppy that's peed on the floor.

2. Find a real reason to hate on the guy.  Bitch about gas prices, or the messed up budget, or ANYTHING that might result in some productive action or discussion.

At this point he's not only proved he was born here, but also we're so far into his term, who gives a sh@t?

This isn't even a post about supporting the President (which I think you should do no matter what), this post is about getting the majority of people to pull their heads out of their asses.  Seriously.