The city council voted to end "mandatory" rebates from city owned Lubbock Power and Light.  Let's get one thing straight, these 'rebates' would not have made anyone rich.  In fact, I think the reason they changed the wording to "may" rebate from "mandatory" was that the amount was so small this year.   The problem is, why even use a word like "mandatory" if it can just be stricken so easily.

There is something about striking or disregarding the word "mandatory" that makes this whole thing stink.  I really don't care about the money, I think I heard the rebate this year was going to be about five bucks.  I think the council decided that it would be better to have this small overage in case of increased expenses this year.  All of this seems like good stewardship of our local power company, all but the removal of that pesky word.  The ability to remove the word "mandatory" so easily and without some type of public referendum, reeks of government running roughshod on the citizenry.  I KNOW this is not the case, buy it's certainly a step in that direction.

In my opinion, taking the word "mandatory" out of a binding agreement should require more than a few council meetings.


Here's a link to the City Council's Video On Demand channel.  Careful, this process is so boring you'll want to shoot yourself in the face.