If you are not familiar with Molli The Puppy, she is my puppy I recently got a few months back now she has picked out her new favorite target, our cat Abbath.

Molli The Puppy is almost 3 months old now and is really coming into her personality. Her sister Nikki and Lexi aren't very impressed with her playful behavior and usually runs her off. But Abbath The Cat is a whole different story. Abbath will let Molli bite all over him, pull his tail and so on until he gets tired of her it usually ends with Abbath popping a paw at Molli.

Checkout this video I got these 2 throwing down in the ultimate match of might!

If you would like to see what Molli the puppy is up to all you have to do is look for her on Instagram and look up the hash tag #mollithepuppy .