Just in time for Cinco De Mayo, it's "The Three Amigos".  Yes, you've probably stopped and watch five minutes or so, but have you really sat down and watched the movie beginning to end?  The movie features Steve Martin's trademark 'wacky' humor, but even though there's a bit of a cheese factor, there are undeniable moments of comedy genius.  More after the jump.


There's no denying the comedy has grown a bit more sophisticated and adult these days.  In my mind though, there's always room for a goofy comedy as well.  Steve Martin teams up with Martin Short (who's a lot to handle anytime) and Chevy Chase as three out of work old timey western stars.  The guys get mistaken for 'real' heroes and then after realizing what's going on decide to rise to the occasion.  The movie is great for those little moments you forget like the sing along with the animals around the campfire, a bizarre encounter with a bush and everything surrounding "El Guapo".  Do yourself a favor and revisit "The Three Amigos" this weekend!

Here's the original trailer:

Here's the guys trying to entertain a very grungy confused crowd in a bar:

And just for fun, here's the trailer "as if" it were an action film instead of a comedy.