Yep, just in time for Mother's Day, a blog about the movie "Mother's Day.  Now this is about the 2010 movie which bears almost no resemblance to the old "B" movie by the same name.  First off, this is not a movie to watch with your mom.  Second, I've always had a problem calling movies without a supernatural element "horror" movies, but would else would you call the horrifying events like home invasion, torture and murder that happen in this movie?  More after the jump.


"Mothers Day" is one of the most intensely violent movies I've ever seen.  At the same time, the ladies in my house enjoyed rooting against the Mom and evil boys.  Let's back up and give you the setup, no real spoilers, just "back of the box" stuff.   Three brothers on the run from the cops (one wounded) head home after a job gone bad.  What they don't know is that mom sold the house.  They end up holding the people in the house (who were having a party at the time) hostage and call mom for help.  What they people in the house don't know is that mom is even more evil then here gun wielding kids.

This movie is violent and at times even hard to watch.  It also features a few twists and turns and an UNBELIEVABLE performance by Rebecca DeMornay (if you ever saw the movie Risky Business, she's the one who gets naked on the train with Tom Cruise).  Seriously, if they gave Oscars for horror movies, she'd win.

It's with no hesitation what-so-ever that I give "Mothers Day" five out of five stars.