I haven't written one of these horror movie reviews in a bit, but this one had to be written. I was giving all the movies I saw four or more "Nightmares." I almost felt guilty that I was misleading people by rating the movies too well. Now, I finally have a chance to tell you about one I didn't enjoy.

Interestingly enough, the big debate over the this movie seems to be the strange, overly loud soundtrack. I guess that's there to distract you from the fact the movie is a turd.

I think "It Follows" has really BS'd critics into thinking it's deep when it's not. There are plenty of stupid touches in the movie, like the fact that all the TVs are old tube types (and they keep showing them over and over to make that point) yet one girl has an E-reader that's the size of a compact which haven't been invented yet.

I guess you shouldn't watch my video review if you plan to see the movie, but my advice is to watch my review below and skip the movie.

I give it two Nightmares for an original death and a couple good jump scares. Two is probably too high, though.