You might not realize it, but pirates are kind of scary. It's something about their overly aggressive nature or something. There is at least one haunt out there that is nothing but pirates. This year we'll have some pirates invading "The Lost City" at Nightmare On 19th Street.

I try to keep the Nightmare on 19th Street stuff secret until it's time for the season, but I have to share this. This is the beginning of our crashed Pirate ship. It's been a challenge, but my crew is just plain killin' it.

As you can tell, the structure is pretty massive.  It's a lot smaller than a real ship, but more than big enough to get the idea across that a ship has crashed.  It's been a ton of work but really fun too.

The pirate invasion is just one of several massive revamps and or additions we're adding to the park this year.  We are also adding a vortex tunnel, which basically causes you to lose your equilibrium (seriously), and a drive-in movie screen.  There's more surprises too, so stay tuned!