The fallout from the art walk fiasco continues. Evidently some of the art community think they should decide what is art and what  and who should be allowed on city streets, on city buses and even, on occasion, in city buildings.  We'd like to add a little more to the story. More after the jump.

The first story I wrote about this told in tentative terms how a group of kids/young adults from Nightmare on 19th Street were kicked off the CITY STREETS by Karen Wiley with The Louise Underwood Center and a policemen.  They were told that somehow the Avenue J became "private property" during the art walk (magical, huh?).  Now we're finding out that these weren't the only people kicked out.

We received word that the West Texas Roller Dollz were also told to leave, and were told that the "Nightmare people ruined it for everybody".  I was quizzical before at the behavior of an event that could use any press and any publicity possible, now I'm just mad.  These kids did nothing wrong.  Some were in costume, but walking in group, posing for pictures, and not scaring anyone. We've had numerous posts from people saying they encountered the kids and they were 'really nice and really cool".  Most were not in costume, or in very toned down versions of their Nightmare attire (actual picture from the very welcoming "Fat Tonys" above).

You see, to Nightmare people, they weren't there to infringe on this event, most were regulars to the art walk, and they wanted to share what makes them happy. Trust me, I don't need the promotion or aggravation of dealing with the art walk people. We have six years behind us, tons of radio and billboard advertising and whatnot. I don't need the few flyers that would be taken at an event like this for publicity.

Traditionally artists are one of the most 'put upon' groups of people.  It amazes me that the first thing 'art supporters' do, is run down other people who do not share their exact beliefs and tastes.  Anyways, I want to make one thing very clear - THE ONLY ONES WHO WERE UNCOOL WERE AT THE TWO CITY FUNDED/OWNED FACILITIES.  The only place the kids had problems were at the Buddy Holly Center and at the Icehouse area on Avenue J (pretty much headquarters for the snobs).  Now I'm not going to tell you to 'not go to the art walk'; but I will advise you that the more welcoming places are past the Buddy Holly Center and in the Depot District.  I would suggest that if you wish to participate or patronize the artists, that you focus on the ones prior to Avenue J.  I think it's time for Avenue J crowd to realize that we don't need them either.  As for the Buddy Holly Center, no one goes there anyways.

And for those of you 'in the know', let me know the next time either of these places is up for funding with the city; I plan on making sure the council knows that they are funding an event that is breaking city, state and federal law in relation to free speech and freedom to gather.