Kittie are set to release their "best of" album this September which is titled "Not So…Safe".

I have been a fan of Kittie for along time which goes back to my high school days. I have had the opportunity to interview the girls on a few occasions and they are very cool rocker chicks.

The album will drop in stores on September 11th and if you are looking for some killer metal then pick up this greatest hits from Kittie.

Here is the track listing that will be on the album.

01 – "Brackish"
02 – "Charlotte"
03 – "Spit"
04 – "Paper Doll"
05 – "What I Always Wanted"
06 – "Run Like Hell"
07 – "Safe" (KMFDM Inc. remix)
08 –  "Into The Darkness"
09 – "Look So Pretty"
10 – "Cut Throat"
11 – "My Plague"
12 – "Do You Think I’m A Whore?" (live)