When it came to grunge, Pearl Jam was one of my top two (STP being the other).  I can't really explain it, but there was something just a little more soulful about Pearl Jam.  Soundgarden brought it hard, Nirvana was for the disenchanted (and I wasn't that disenchanted) and Alice In Chain was a bit more "trippy".  Now, 22 years after it's release Pearl Jam's epic first release "Ten" has sold ten million copies.  More after the jump.


So, don't confuse this recent tidbit of information with one that came before it.  Pearl Jam's "Ten" has shipped ten million, which is often a pretty darn indicator you're going to sell ten million, but not always. In the record industry this is the "diamond" award, which doesn't mean much because you could technically 'buy' the honor by shipping a bunch of music that doesn't sell.

Well, I though this would be the perfect opportunity to catch up with some classic tracks from Pearl Jam's debut.  As you know, Pearl Jam didn't really make many videos back in the day (Jeremy being the only scripted video from "Ten"), so here's what I was able to to find to help bring back the vibe that "Ten" had back in the day.