Whoa, Nelly!  Hold your horses. I have the utmost respect for the President of the United States of America. It doesn't matter what party, it doesn't matter whether I voted for them or not.  I just find the TELEVISED State of the Union to be unnecessary.  As you may know, the State of the Union speech is constitutionally mandated, and that's fine for the people who are interested.  More after the jump.

Most of the State of the Union Speech is political posturing and not just the "state of the union" as is called for.  With the internet and 24 hour news channels, you can wait until an hour after the speech and hit the highlights in a couple minutes.  Sitting waiting for people to quit applauding and (on occasion) jeering is just a waste of time. It should be a record night for Red Box and On-Demand.  I'm Audi 5000 on this one, I'll catch up tomorrow!