Oh, decisions, decision.  Do you get to the FMX Big Purple Party the minutes the gates open, or do you visit with some Rock Stars.  I'm going to give you that dilemma next.


Here's the scoop.  The super hot "Escape The Fate" are doing a FREE in-store at Hastings.  Now, if you're not going to the FMX Big Purple Party, we expect you to go meet the guys.  If you're going, we think you can still drop by.  They'll be doing their thing at 12 noon.  The gates for the FMX BPP are  scheduled to open at 12:30, but the music is a bit later.   Music is scheduled to start at 2:00 with Filter on the main stage.  Offhand, I think you can get both done.

If you're reading this because you're a big Escape The Fate fan, you'll probably be happy to know that they'll take the stage indoors at about 8:15.  If you'd like the tentative set times plus all other cool FMX Big Purple Party info, then click through all the cool stories here.