In the movie "Groundhog Day" Bill Murry is forced to live the same day over and over until he get's it right.  We're pretty sure we got it right the first time for Groundhog Day 2013.  On February 2nd, FMX Presents The 32nd Annual Birthday Bash!  More after the jump.

Stone Sour and Papa Roach will headline the 2013 Bash in the Pavilion at the Lone Star Events Center.  This brings to mind a bunch of questions.  We are confident that EITHER band along would have sold out the Pavilion but together they are unstoppable.  For some reason both bands wanted to play 2000 person and smaller venues for their winter tours.  We were very lucky they chose our Bash to be on one of their stops.  Now keep in mind, this will be February 2nd.  Based on my research the temperature last year was 68 degrees, but it could just as likely be 30.  It really doesn't matter though, when you put that many people into the Pavilion it heats up real quick.

Tickets will go on sale next Friday at the FMX Front Desk (cash only) and online here.  Tickets are $39 all in.  This show WILL sell out and there is NO chance it will be moved to a larger venue.  When the tickets are gone, they are gone.

This will be a standard Pavilion show in all other aspects, but since we get asked these questions all the time, here's some stuff.

*Beer and mixed drinks will be sold. You can't bring your own.

*Kids are the same price as adults. A ticket is a ticket is a ticket.

*No animals weapons, fireworks, wallet or belt chains, or professional cameras.

*You CANNOT leave the venue and return. ESPECIALLY in the case of capacity crowds, it's important that we have an accurate crowd count at all times.

*Everyone entering the venue is subject to search for the safety of all concert goers.

*You cannot purchase backstage access from us. If the bands release some type of premium packages that info will be on their websites.

*There should be a food vendor or two on site.

*The Amp has a $5 charge for parking in their fenced lot.

and finally, since this concert will be a top capacity, there will not be any room for a pit.  Anyone moshing will be ejected from the show.  We will also have security work to minimize crowd surfing as well.  THIS show is not the place for a pit, it would only serve to make a very crowded venue more chaotic. DO NOT BUY A TICKET IF YOU THINK THIS POLICY WOULD AFFECT YOUR ABILITY TO HAVE A GOOD TIME.