RockShow Threesome: The Greatest Joke Ever Told [AUDIO]
Are you ready to fall out laughing?  Are you ready to spill your guts all over the floor.  Are you ready to double over with laughter, until you quiver and quake and possibly pee yourself!  Well then click through my friend!
RockShow Threesome: Dog Calls 911 For Himself [AUDIO]
Okay, the dog actually called "999" but in England that is the equivalent of 911.  So what does a British dog say when he actually gets and answer, find out about this, a couple of strangely named Okies and a new definition of "eat and run" next.
Hey, There’s A 300 Pound Naked Man In Wal-Mart [AUDIO]
Great headline huh?  Although I'm sure some of you have seen equally weird stuff in Wallyworld.  The problem always is, how do you deal with a large naked guy?  You certainly don't want to tackle him.  Maybe that's what he planned all along, he just figured, &q…
Do Not Pee Inside A Powerstation [AUDIO]
The man in today's story is obviously a junkie, so he's not making the best "life" choices to begin with.  His second bad choice, besides the heroin, was peeing on some electrical equipment.  More after the jump.

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