it sucks to be you

The RockShow Big One: It Sucks To Be John Travolta
John Travolta has been accused a lot this past year of making indecent proposals, mostly towards masseurs.  So, the question is, does he have a thing for his rub down buddies, or do rub down buddies see a chance at any easy check?  We report, you decide, or whatever, after the break.
The RockShow Big One: How To Avoid Being Arrested
The RockShow finds crazy stories everyday (in fact more than we can use).  We can tell you from reading these stories that there are TWO ways for a man to avoid being arrested.  Now, nothing is for sure, but you will be far less likely to be caught and booked if you follow are instructions…
Was Whitney Houston Killed By Wasps? [AUDIO]
I love those little pranks that have just a kernel of truth to them.  This one was based on the fact that Whitney Houston had indeed died, it was then exaggerated how it happened.  This one really shows how dumb some people can be if you give them just a little serving of truth with the li…
One-Legged Woman Hit By Cars Again [AUDIO]
It's another edition of "It Sucks To Be You".  It would suck to be hit by a car.  It would suck more to be hit three more times.  The only good part of this story is that you're not in it.  More after the jump.