The RockShow finds crazy stories everyday (in fact more than we can use).  We can tell you from reading these stories that there are TWO ways for a man to avoid being arrested.  Now, nothing is for sure, but you will be far less likely to be caught and booked if you follow are instructions.  Get the details after the jump.

So you're a man and you've found yourself in a predicament.  You're drunk and you're about to be arrested. There are two things you can do to avoid being arrested.

1. Strip naked and run.  No other man wants to half to 'catch' a naked man.  They just don't want to get another mans balls on them.

2. Cover yourself with fecal material.  This is almost the same as #2.  Cops ride around in a cop car all day long, do you really think they want to EVER have a guy covered in dookie in their cars?  Nope.

Here's todays story: