The Three Fs of Thanksgiving
Ah yes, it's all about food and football today, ladies and gentlemen. Forget tomorrow being Black Friday, forget about Christmas, all that. It's time to dig in.
BCS Review: ‘Noles Live Up To The Hype
A sloppy first half was the theme for the Florida State Seminoles, as Auburn absolutely dominated each phase heading into the locker room, but the second half portrayed a much different story.
Texas Tech Fans Rush Field, No One Is Sure Why
Rushing the field after a Tech game has become a Red Raider tradition right up there with tortilla tossing and throwing water bottles at the opposing teams bands, fans and spirit squads.  At least the tortilla tossing was a little funny and virtually harmless.
Coach Rice Wasn’t Abusing Players, He Was Killing Spiders [VIDEO]
A lot of you didn't get to see (or hear) the video of Rutger's coach Mike Rice abusing his players both physically and verbally. A lot of the footage "disappeared" the day after it appeared. We weren't concerned enough to go find the footage again, but now, there&apo…
Rutger’s Coach Shows How Not To Coach Basketball [VIDEO]
Here's how not be a basketball coach, or a decent human begin.  Practice footage of Rutger's basketball coach Mike Rich shows him hitting and kicking players, launching balls at their heads and using pretty much every gay slur possible.  More after the jump.

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